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The Best Tech and Gadgets for Every Digital Nomad

How we work has undoubtedly changed in recent years, and according to the RV rental company Outdoorsy, “Wi-Fi has set us all free.” It’s pretty true when you think about it. Whether you work remotely for a large company that offers flexible options, or you have your own business, there’s something both exciting and empowering about the concept of working from anywhere in the world.
A lot of the reason we’re able to work in unique and interesting ways is because of the introduction of new technology. It’s not just Wi-Fi that every digital nomad needs. The following is a roundup of the best technology and gadgets for today’s remote worker.

Zendure A2 Portable Charter

Zendure A2 Portable Charter

A portable power bank is a must-have if you’re a remote worker or digital nomad, and the Zendure A series is incredibly popular and well-rated. Specifically, people love the A2 from Zendure. It’s consistently been ranked as the number one power bank by PC Advisor three years in a row, and it is made of a crush-proof material with a shock absorbing central belt.

You can charge Zendure while charging your other devices using one wall charger, which is a unique feature among power banks, and it automatically turns itself on when it’s connected to compatible devices.

WD My Passport Slim

If you’re a remote worker or digital nomad, you should consider having a portable storage device, and the WD My Passport Slim is an excellent option. This portable storage device is extremely thin and enclosed in metal. It is also affordable and gives you the option of a 1TB version or a 2TB option.
It’s a good storage device if you need a lot of data and you don’t want to lug around anything too bulky.
The aluminum casing feels durable which is great if you’re traveling the world while you work, and it has a Micro-USB 3.0 port on one side.

Skyroam Mobile Hotspot

What happens if you’re working abroad and the Wi-Fi isn’t so great? Use the Skyroam Mobile Hotspot. This lets you travel and enjoy secure mobile data in locations including North and South America as well as Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

You can get a day pass with unlimited data from anywhere around the world, and there’s instant coverage in more than 100 countries. This must-have gadget also features a virtual SIM that automatically connects users to the local carrier data as they travel, and there’s the ability to connect up to five devices at the same time.

ECEEN Solar-Powered Backpack

Finally, at less than $50, the ECEEN backpack is a must-have even if you’re not working remotely but are just traveling. This backpack is foldable and ideal for camping, outdoor travel, and more. It’s lightweight and water resistant and includes a removable solar panel and 2000mAH battery pack, so you never run out of power wherever you are. It’s made with 22% high-efficiency transfer solar cells, and it’s also roomy and has plenty of pockets to keep everything neatly organized.

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