The Gadgets You’ll Be Lusting Over In 2019

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday taught us that Americans love gadgets. Statistics revealed by Amazon reveal that their own products, including the third-gen Echo Dot, Fire TV stick and Fire 7 tablet, were some of their biggest selling gadgets over the Black Friday weekend. And with 2019 just around the corner, retro game consoles, 5G phones, and the latest wearable technology look set to be massive.

 Staying on top on technology trends 

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate. For example, twenty years ago the tablet computer didn’t even exist and now they’re used more frequently than desktop computers. However, with such a considerable amount of technology hitting the market every year, it’s can be costly to stay on top of the latest trends. Before investing in any gadget, be sure to do your research and look up when the next model is due for release. After all, you don’t want to spend several hundred dollars on a new phone, only for a bigger and better one to be launched a month down the line. It’s advisable to plan how you’ll pay for your purchases carefully too. Utilize payment options which offer low-interest rates, favorable terms, and freebies wherever possible for maximum gain on these gadget purchases. 

Going retro 

2018 saw an influx in retro gaming consoles hit the market. PlayStation launched PlayStation Classic in America and Canada on December 3, which comes complete with 20 much-loved games, including Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy VII, and Rayman. Meanwhile, earlier in the year Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition which included fan favorite’s Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong. With such classic games included with these consoles, they’re sure to be snapped up in 2019. 

A 5G Phone 

It’s highly speculated that Sony will launch the first ever 5G phone in 2019. And rumor has it that the very first glimpse of this innovative gadget will be unveiled at CES 2019 in Las Vegas this January. 5G technology will give consumers speeds up to ten times faster than 4G, as well as the option to constantly connect devices together. So expect consumers to flock to this device on its launch date. 

It’s all about wearables 

Wearable technology has been voted as the American College of Sports Medicine 2019’s biggest fitness trend. Therefore, these gadgets will get bigger and better over the coming year. Industry experts predict that manufacturers will incorporate more sophisticated technology into them, such as hydration tracking and enhanced blood pressure monitoring. 

2019’s gadgets look set to outshine those that were released in 2018, with retro gaming, 5G phones and wearable technology set to take the industry by storm. However, before investing in these items, carefully do your research and consider your budget.