The Inner Workings of the E-Cigarette

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While we are all aware of what an e-cigarette looks like, many people know very little about it, and some even think it is just another way to smoke. The truth is, vaping (the action of inhaling the e-liquid vapour) is a much healthier way to ingest the required amount of nicotine, which can be present in the e-liquid. There are no harmful toxins in the e-liquid, unlike tobacco, and with inert colouring and taste agents, inhaling the vapour from a vaping device is a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. If we look at this from a scientific angle, here is a brief explanation of how vaping works.

The Atomiser

This quintessential component is like the heart of a living thing, and without it, vaping would not be possible. This tiny metal gadget fits into a cartridge, directly next to a lithium battery, which provides the charge. This charge is sent through tiny wires and heats up the e-liquid in the chamber, which then turns to vapour, and is inhaled through the mouthpiece. The action of vaping (inhaling the heated vapour) is a much healthier way to ingest recreational nicotine, and such is the popularity of the e cigarette, many non-smokers like to sample the varied flavours. Because of this, one has a choice when buying e-liquid, either with or without nicotine, and whichever you choose, the atomiser is the device that heats the e-liquid to the desired temperature.

Lithium Battery

Providing it is of high quality, the unit should last 2-3 days of normal use, and of course, is rechargeable. The battery typically takes up about two thirds of the length of the device, starting from the LED light at the very end of the unit, while the other third comprises of the atomiser and mouthpiece, through which the user inhales the vapour. Click here for a more detailed look at the inner workings of an e-cigarette.

The E-Liquid

This is the substance that will be heated up and vaped (inhaled) by the user, and its technical name is propylene glycol, or another choice is vegetable glycerine, along with some favouring and colouring, which is widely used in food manufacturing and is harmless. There have been some amazing flavours created over the past few years, and if you are just starting out, you can purchase starter kits, which have many samples of e-liquid to try, and when you find one that hits the button, you can place a bulk order.

The Health Issues

Smoking tobacco is known to cause cancer and heart disease, and with the many harmful toxins tobacco smoke contains, there are many health risks associated with tobacco related products, while vaping is a much less harmful way to ingest recreational nicotine, which is why so many people are happy non-smokers who always carry their e cigarette in their pocket. Vaping is socially acceptable almost everywhere, as it is recognised that vaping presents no danger to those nearby.

There are so many benefits from vaping as an alternative to smoking, and with the actual vaping device, it pays to buy from an established supplier, one who has a tried and trusted reputation within the vaping community.