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The Neato Botvac D4 Connected Robot Vacuum Cleaner delivers an optimal cleaning route

Two latest vacuums join the ranks of Neato Robotics’ product series at IFA 2018.

The first, $499 Botvac D4 connected, is aimed squarely at price-conscious customers. Neato hopes the second, $699 Botvac D6 connected, will enchantment to pet proprietors who are looking for tidier residing spaces.

Despite a distinction in pricing of $200, the D4 and D6 will share many features and abilities. Both robots talk with home wireless networks, and allow you to command them thru the Neato cell app (iOS, Android). you’ll get cleaning reviews, in conjunction with maps of the floor they’ve covered in your property.


Botvac D4 Connected

This mid-variety priced robotic vacuum capabilities tons of alternatives that have been as soon as confined to best the flagship Botvac D7 connected, along with QuickBoost cleansing and digital N0-Go traces. QuickBoost helps the robotic end larger homes in much less time whilst a recharge is required mid-smooth by means of calculating the exact quantity of time it usually takes to smooth the home, because the robotic won’t need to get a full charge earlier than continuing on its cleaning cycle. The D4 connected also features 33% higher battery life than its predecessor too, that means it’s a far greater efficient system overall.

Botvac D6 Connected

Next up: the $699 Botvac D6 connected. It also sports a new brushed steel appearance, plus a battery with a a hundred and twenty-minute runtime (up from 90 mins) and a rapid mode that will increase suction and makes the comb rotate faster. Also in tow are better brushes — a spiral blend brush and a facet brush — and a filter out that’s designed to sweep up puppy hair and allergens.

Existing Botvac D7 owners aren’t getting left out in the cold, though. Neato announced an update — Zone Cleaning — that allows users to target “trouble areas” (e.g., beneath the kitchen table) with more frequent cleaning. It’ll be available this fall for new and existing owners.

Both the Botvac D6 and Botvac D4 are available for purchase immediately.

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