The New Access Pack Is A Classy-Looking Bag

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Backpacks are now an unfortunate reality we must all live with. Messenger bags, while a bit more stylish, are never big enough. They also do not readily lend themselves to aimless stuffing. North Face’s new backpack, however, is the ultimate stuff bag.

The Access Pack is constructed from a stylish mix of grey and black nylon panels, with the padded straps making it surprisingly comfortable to carry all day. There’s also a clasp that goes across your chest, keeping the bag high on your back.


Access Pack

In terms of features, several highlights are included, not limited to the one-touch open entry closure, which enables the user to access the main compartment with a flick of the clasp, all without the hassle and struggle of zips. Within the backpack, the ejector tabs enable the wearer to retrieve items such as cell phones and laptops with one fluid motion, while the accessory’s silhouette itself features a rugged exo-skeletal structure to shield its user’s expensive electronics.

The Access Pack comes with a bunch of “ejector tabs” that you can use to take out your phone, laptop and other devices. But the bag’s true glory is its laptop compartment. It’s water resistant, can hold a 15-inch notebook, and has a pull handle to grab the notebook more quickly.

The Access Pack is supposed to be the dream bag for gadget specialists, like myself. Every zipper, pouch and pulley is designed to make organizing gear, cables and adapters easier.

The Access Pack is classy-looking bag whose design is centered around gadget storage and removal. However, you have to consider whether all these convenient features — and modern looks — warrant a $235 upgrade. The bag comes in black or grey.