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USB93 braided charging cable has a rotatable connector

A shiny new charging cable might be able to withstand a few months of being bent into form, however deliver it sufficient time and those wires will start to give way. The USB93 is a as a substitute smart approach to this catch 22 situation, the use of a rotating ball to keep away from undue strain on the cable and hold things in working order.

The USB93 is a USB to Micro USB, USB-C or Apple Lightning cable wrapped in nylon braiding it really is designed to preserve tangles to a minimum. At one end is the regular USB connection, however the cease that plugs into your device has a metallic ball joint.

USB93 Braided Charging Cable Design

The USB93 is a well-designed and practical charging cable that measures 1.5 meters long and comes in 3 models including Lightning, USB-C and microUSB. As we will see from the photos, the cable makes use of nylon braiding for a durable and long-lasting production, and it promises a tangle-free enjoy. meanwhile, 3 elective hues ensure it may meet one-of-a-kind aesthetic alternatives.


USB93 Braided Charging Cable Features

The braided charging cable features a completely unique rotating ball layout stimulated by robots used by NASA, Boston Dynamics and world over. The use of the steel ball connector, you could freely switch it from instantly to L-fashioned and back with a flick, so the overall range of motion takes the pressure off the cable connection for prolonging cable life, and the bendy layout ensures you could more easily use it to charge your iOS gadgets. Furthermore, the ergonomic shape of the connector provides a extra at ease revel in even as you preserve it together with your arms. And the USB93 microUSB cable will always will let you recognise which side is the right facet up. Further, the charging cable helps 2.4A for immediate charging your gadgets.

USB93 Braided Charging Cable Price

The team behind USB93 is raising fund for the cables on Indiegogo. We can pledge $17 to preorder the braided charging cable with Lightning, USB-C or microUSB connector. All the three cables will be shipped in October 2018.

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