All of the Features That Make a Phone Great for Gaming

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Mobile gaming hasn’t taken over console gaming, but it’s getting up there, thanks in no small part to games such as Pokémon Go and the new Mario drop, as well as old favorites like Farmville and Candy Crush. Regardless of what games you play on your phone, you need a device with certain features to make sure that your game play is smooth, doesn’t suck the life out of your battery, and doesn’t take up massive amounts of memory. A review of features might even make you embrace a new brand that you never considered before.

Make a Phone Great for Gaming

Don’t Skimp on Screen Size

The size of the screen is a sticking point for anyone who spends a lot of time on a mobile device, but it’s especially important for gamers. You can’t see what you’re doing if the screen is too small. Squinting doesn’t make for skillful game play, either. You may want to look into a “phablet,” which is a phone so large that it’s practically a tablet. Typically, phablets are phones with a screen larger than 5 inches. Bear in mind that it’s harder for these phones to fit into traditional pockets.

Remember the Resolution

A large screen doesn’t matter if it doesn’t display vivid colors and sharp graphics. A high screen resolution ensures that your phone displays more pixels. The more pixels your phone displays, the clearer the pictures. Unless you’re drowning in nostalgia and prefer all of your games to look as pixelated as old-school Mario, you want the best resolution available. Typically, it’s better to get a phone with a display of 720p and a pixel density of 300 ppi. However, if you plan on playing games, try to go higher.

Use a Network that Keeps Up with You

Although this isn’t part of the phone, it is essential. A slow, draggy network won’t do you any good—and it will tank your high score. You can have the newest, hottest, fastest phone, such as the iPhone 6S, but if your network doesn’t have the speed, you might as well revert to playing Snake on a Nokia. Always make sure the network you want has the speed you need. You owe it to your skill level.

Go for a Brag-Worthy Battery

A dying battery is a gamer’s worst nightmare. Anyone who frequently uses a mobile device does not like to see its battery life disappear. The ideal is to find a battery that lasts for a full day of moderate use. As a gamer, you want more. Check out smartphones and mobile devices with a battery of 2,000 mAh or more. Aim for longer than 15 hours’ worth of talk time, as well. Basically, go for broke. There’s no such thing as too much battery power, anyway.

Make Memory a Priority

Your phone’s memory is of utmost importance. After all, the games you play have to go somewhere. You shouldn’t have to choose between your favorite apps and your favorite games. It isn’t necessary for you to start deleting files, photos, or apps just because you want to download a new game or promo. Here’s a secret: You can get a phone with a mid-range memory and still have plenty of space.

Pick the Perfect Processor

The processor in your phone is one of the most crucial features. If the processor stinks, the gaming experience will, as well. A reliable, smooth processor keeps your game play flawless and fast. You won’t have to worry as much about buffering, blips, or lagging, which can ruin a game in an instant. Play around with different phones at the store, unless you have previous experience with the processor on the phone you’re considering.

It’s worthwhile to check out the gaming accessories available on the phones in which you’re most interested. For instance, some phones have certified and off-market mini-USB controllers and similar accessories that can take your gaming to the next level. Touch screen-sensitive, audio, and storage are also essential features, but speed and display are at the top of the list.