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Boosting Your PC Gaming Experience

Whilst there are some companies such as Alienware that produce specialist gaming computers, the average PC isn’t built for such activity, or at least not the activity that most hardcore gamers put their machines through. A bit of accessorising and modding could greatly improve your PC gaming experience. Here are just a handful of methods.

Buy a new PC monitor

Replace your basic monitor with something flashier allowing you to get the best pixel rate possible. UHD (Ultra High Definition) monitors are the latest craze, offering an almost photorealistic image quality. However, these aren’t cheap. Those eager to up their visuals on a budget might do better to buy a quality HD monitor such as the Asus VE278H. There are other option when setting up monitors such as buying multiple screens but these are only recommended for gaming professionals.

Up your sound system

Get immersed in the game you’re playing by buying some better speakers. Surround sound speaker systems such as the Q Acoustics 3000 Series Cinema Pack may alert you more as to which direction a gunshot or footsteps may be coming from. They may bring more bass to explosions making you feel more involved in action games, as well as making horror games that extra bit scarier.

Set up your chair

Stay comfortable whilst gaming by buying a decent chair. Ensure that its height and position is adjustable so that you’re not having crane over a desk. There are a number of specialist gaming chairs available online that you can spot from their racing car appearance. There’s not much difference between these chairs and your average swivel office chairs, with the exception that they look a little more stylish.

Switch up your controls

Your average keyboard and mouse may not be able to put up with the amount of button-mashing and hotkey usage that you put them through. Consider getting a gaming keyboard and mouse that offer more ergonomics as well offering anti-ghosting features (and generally looking cooler).

Alternatively, you do have the option to use a console controller. There are many wireless controllers that can now be set up with all kinds of games and computers. For playing first-person shooters, in which a keyboard and mouse may not feel as comfortable, such controllers could be worth investing in.

Buy a new graphics card

A decent graphics card can boost your pixel clarity and frames per second, making games look and feel smoother. Some gamers may depend on this faster processing speed for spotting opponents faster and being able to react more quickly. There are many specialist graphics cards available online. High end models can sell for more than a grand, but if you’re new to modding you probably shouldn’t bother venturing over two hundred dollars as the effect will be minimal. The more costly models are better suited to pro gamers with large or multiple screens. Some gamers will also go the extra mile to ‘overclock’ their graphics cards so that they produce more frames per second, but unless you know what you’re doing such a modification is not recommended as you may damage your hardware.

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