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Learn How To Level Fast In World Of War Craft Just Like The Pros

Whether you’re new to Wow or a veteran World of Warcraft player, it is understandable if you want to literally level up to the exciting parts of the world’s largest multi-player game. We’re here to help you learn how to level fast in World of War craft just like the pros. We’ll stick to the safe strategies that won’t put your account and all your prior work at risk.

Consider Your Reputation

You may or may not have heard of China’s Sesame Credit score, the ranking of everyone relative to government mandates. The social or reputation score in that system is based off the reputation scores that first appeared in WoW and other MMO games. If you’re too aggressive or anti-social, it could hurt your score. Insulting other players, interfering in game play and other bad practices could get you banned from the site. In other MMOs, it could get you shunted to servers where everyone is an anti-social or hyper-aggressive player.

On the other hand, being kind to other players can enhance the experience and lead to help at critical moments. For example, mobbing with those nearby is invaluable in quests. Exchanging buffs with other players when you’re a priest or mage can pay off, too. If they last a little while longer fighting off that goblin, they can take more hits for you and are more likely to do so. In summary, you want to have a team you can invite to take down into the dungeons. And it is questing that will double or triple your level in WoW over grinding.

Take Advantage of Boosting

Boosting in World of Warcraft is a way to skip the boring repetitive in-game activities so you can jump directly to the action. Classic boosting involves someone taking over the account and performing the actions for you. This is safer than the more recent use of bots to accelerate your game play. This is something the admins are watching out for, and use of bots or a boosting service that uses bots could get your account penalized. Stay away from cheats, too, since that can get your account suspended. Note that you can have someone boost your account and collect in-game loot at the same time.

You Get What You Pay For

It is worth it to pay for a level 40 mount. Spend time skinning animals and otherwise earning gold to get a better mount instead of investing in armor. You can ask someone else to do the grinding for you if you aren’t ready to go on a quest to get the 100 gold pieces necessary. This also means not giving in to the temptation to buy that new sword when it is offered by the smith. Get the top mounts, and you’re much more likely to get gold instead of experience once you hit level 70, and you’ll be able to get one of the flying mounts available at the end of the game.

Choose the Right Server

Some people choose low population servers so that you don’t face much competition for animals to skin or other in-game resources. Unfortunately, this means there is little help when you want to organize a mob to take down a monster or gather a team for a quest. Another issue with the low population servers is that they tend to be populated with inexperienced players, those least able to help you when tackling these challenges. All of this matters most when you’re trying to reach later levels quickly. The greater population also means you have more people to sell stuff to for decent amounts when you want to make more space in your bag. This is easier than setting up a bank alt, a character that just sits in front of the bank so you can store items there, though you can hand off goods to other characters you create, too.

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