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Mice, Headsets, Bosses: It’s Time for You to Boost Your Game With Great Gear

Gear doesn’t make the gamer — but it sure helps! It doesn’t matter how sharp your skills or how beastly your rig is, if your gaming gear isn’t up to par, your performance will take a hit. Here are some tips for picking gear that will up your game and improve your experience.


There are a lot of great-looking gaming keyboards that will make your room look like a set from Blade Runner. If that’s what you’re going for, check out the Corsair K95 RGB, a high-end, uber-customizable mechanical keyboard. If you prefer something a little more tactile, try the Razer Ornata. It’s part mechanical, part membrane, but still totally responsive and sleek-looking. If you’re on a budget, just cut back on the flash. All you need is a solidly-built, ergonomic keyboard, like the Logitech K360.


A comfortable, well-constructed gaming chair is essential not only for comfort, but to protect you from repetitive strain and lower back injuries. Of all the gear in your arsenal, don’t skimp on your chair. The GTracing Ergonomic Gaming Chair is a great high-end option, or the Merax Executive Racing Style Chair is cheaper but also top-notch. Both of these consistently get great reviews, such as in Top Ten Select’s list of the best gaming chairs. Once you’ve got your chair, see OSHA’s recommendations on setting it up properly.


A poor-quality mouse will be unresponsive and have poor third-party software, making it less effective and less customizable. So get a good one. The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is a superb option at a low price, featuring excellent sensitivity, and jitter reduction — handy when you’re on your 7th Red Bull. Your wrist will also thank you if you get a good quality, ergonomic mouse. Some eSports pros are already retiring due to repetitive strain injuries, so this is no joke.


Many gamers opt for a headset over speakers to get a truly immersive experience, while allowing easy communication with teammates. But an uncomfortable headset with tinny sound will knock you out of the zone. The HyperX Cloud is totally decent, and the go-to choice for gamers on a budget. If you have more to spend, have a look at the Turtle Beach Elite Pro — these offer crisp and clear sound, and they’re designed with cooling and comfort in mind.


If you prefer speakers, you’re going to be overwhelmed with the choices available. In the low-budget end of the range, the Creative A250 2.1 will sound great, and their curvy, transparent design won’t cramp your style either. If you have more to spend, the Klipsch R-15PM speakers are the gold standard and have been for some time — although you’ll need to buy your own subwoofer.


You’ve now got some options for top-notch gaming gear, but everyone prefers different things. If you can, head into an old-fashioned bricks-and-mortar store to have a look at some products and get a feel for what you want — even if you end up ordering online.

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