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These Game Franchises Will Outlive Us All

We all have our favorite gaming franchises and video game series. You might be obsessed with GTA, or perhaps you can’t get enough of Call of Duty. Maybe you love RPG, and for that reason, you will never stop playing World of Warcraft. We’re sure Blizzard entertainment would be happy to hear that after their endeavor to enter the box office fell through the floor. Although, as much as we have our favorites it’s interesting to look at the franchises that will withstand the tests of time. That could, ultimately, be games that your kids or your grandchildren will one day be playing, albeit, with vastly different experiences.



Mario is always going to be around and if you don’t believe that, just think about how far it has withstood the test of time. You might think that Mario is getting old-fashioned. But, as we continue to progress with gaming, Mario doesn’t stagnate. It evolves in fascinating and truly incredible new directions. We have seen this time and time again with reinvention and upgrades of the new formula. We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before there’s a VR Mario game where you’ll get to play as the plumber himself. Mario is also perfectly suited for AR tech. Just imagine being able to watch that little plumber traverse obstacles in your living room. We’re sure experiences like this are on the horizon. For now, of course, we can look forward to Odyssey a game that is sure to test the boundaries of the franchise.  Super Mario came to life in 1985 and he won’t be disappearing down a pipe anytime soon.


Pokemon is another franchise that will stand the test of time and if you don’t believe that, just remember that Pokemon has been played by two or three generations of gamers already. The thing that you have to remember about Pokemon is that it’s nowhere near would it could be. It could be a fully fledged RPG with insane graphics that make catching Pokemon even more thrilling. It could evolve in AR formats as it has done already. And maybe one day, thanks to VR you’ll be throwing your own Pokeball at a digital creature. Pokemon evolves every year, but because it’s a handheld game, it has so much room to grow, it’s unbelievable. As graphics and technology continue to evolve Pokemon will still be around in ten or twenty years, it will just look absolutely incredible.

Final Fantasy

There are fifteen final fantasy games in the franchise as well as multiple add-ons and exciting exclusives. If you want to play the new game in the franchise, you can download it on your phone and take in a fantastic fresh FF experience. So why will this franchise last forever? Well, it is always listed among the greats and right now as we speak developers are working hard to bring 7 back to life, one of the most popular games in the series. We are sure they are already working on 6, and we have no doubt that FF will reach twenty, it will probably just take quite a number of years. After all, the development cycles of these games are legendary. You’ll probably find that Final Fantasy lingers purely because the games take so long to create. Although now that it has made the jump to mobile we have no doubt in some shape or form there will always be an FF game for us to play.

Assasin’s Creed

The potential for this game franchise is massive. Unfortunately, it is being squandered right now by the studio. But if they start handling the franchise correctly, this relatively new IP could last as long as the other games on the list. Unlike the other games, this one isn’t tied down by much at all. It can exist in new periods, be played on various platforms and has the possibility of offering fresh experiences with each new title. It’s what has made every Assassin’s Creed title a must buy since it’s PS3 days. The question is can the ship be corrected? We think it can and will with evidence already there that Ubisoft are taking the right steps. A longer development cycle for Origins certainly seems to have improved the creativity involved in making the game. Time will tell whether this franchise could become one of the greats or even a launch release for future console generations.

Do you think we’re right about the predictions of these games? Or, are there other titles that could actually last and be played by multiple generations of gamers.

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