Volume 2015 – Stealth Game

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Volume is an upcoming indie stealth-based video game developed by Mike Bithell, who previously developed the award-winning Thomas Was Alone. Bithell’s inspiration for Volume was directly from his earlier enjoyment of playing the Metal Gear games since a teenager. Though several other stealth games have come out since then, Bithell felt the newer games lost the “purity” of the stealth experience that Metal Gear provided.

Story & Development

Volume‍ is story is based on a modern take of the Robin Hood legend. The device has an artificial intelligence built into it according to Bithell,and guides Robert on how to use the device. Robert decides to use the device to broadcast the simulations of high-profile crimes across the Internet in the same manner as Let’s Play videos. Locksley will be face off against Guy Gisborne, played by Andy Serkis, re-envisioned for the game as the CEO of a company that has taken over the country of England and runs the nation as a corporation.

The game is split into 100 levels and in each one you have to collect a series of gems to get the exit portal to open up. Between you and these precious gems are a number of guards with a visible sight cone that you will be wanting to avoid as much as possible. Stay in their sight too long and they will take you down with a single gunshot. The game is presented in a top-down 3rd person view of the Volume simulation, showing a floor layout, Robert’s avatar, and several guards and other antagonists that patrol the area. Several different variety of guards exist, each which have different patterns of movement and how they respond to seeing the player-character.

The goal is to sneak through the level without being spotted to complete various heists. The player is unable to kill these foes, but will have an arsenal of tools to distract them and avoid detection. A key element of the game is a level editor, allowing users to create their own simulated missions.

Final Conclusion

Volume looks to be Mike Bithell’s next big hit. It has got plenty of gadgets to tinker with, is verging on infuriatingly difficult and has enough humor to have that distinct Bithell flair. This game is set to be released on 18 August 2015 for Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.