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6 Things You Need to Know about How Mobile Development can Improve Your Company

Times have changed, and so must you if you want to survive in the competitive e-commerce market. It’s imperative that your business updates as fast as possible to the latest tech developments. No doubt, Android, and iPhone apps have hit the retail world by storm. It’s no wonder smart entrepreneurs are making the most of these mobile apps and using them to better their bottom line. If you still doubt the power of mobile development, here are 5 ways merchants are benefitting from it;

1-Brand boosting

The fact that your business logo is visible to customers on their mobile screens makes your brand memorable. What’s more, it gives you an advantage over counterparts who haven’t adopted this new strategy. A faster way to boost your brand is work with an Android Development Company. They can help you create an excellent app that will improve your mobile presence and reputation.

2-Better customer service experience

Mobile development enables your customers to browse products/services from the comfort of their smartphones.  It allows full-time shopping and augment’s your customer care especially if you don’t offer 24/7 support as the app can include a feature that allows day & night contact.

3-Excellent marketing 

The fact that a mobile app is easy to link with popular social platforms like Facebook and Twitter makes it a helpful marketing tool. This means a customer can share –with a single tap—their experience with your firm which is a plus for you.

Also, push notification allows the merchant to send quick future promotions to prospects and customers.

4-A growing customer base

Looking around, everyone is touching their screens and wants to do virtually everything from their smartphones.  No doubt, they’d appreciate if you added a useful mobile app to help them reach you ASAP. Make sure your app helps consumers save or pass the time, either way, it will benefit your business.

5-A new Revenue Channel

If your consumers can add to cart and make an order through your company’s mobile app, then you’ll have opened a new revenue channel, besides your website and physical store. For instance, an order fulfillment enabled app can prove handy for services like bookings, restaurant reservations, ticket purchases, and goods/service purchases.

Another way to earn more from your mobile app is by charging app an upgrade fee each time you update the application or by including in-app adverts.

6-Business Accessibility

While you may be a competent service provider, accessibility matters a lot. How quickly can a buyer reach you? What mobile development does is making you readily available? Think about it; how many customers own smartphones, and how many may own laptops? Mobile phones are more popular than other markets, so you have there’s a broader audience for you if you’re mobile savvy.

An app is more like a permanent online store on your customer’s phone. And most times, they lead to repeat as well as impulse buying.

In other words, mobile development is becoming mandatory for businesses that are looking to open new revenue channels and prosper in the competitive marketplace.

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