Pros and cons of a SIM card

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Sims, also known as a subscriber identity module, is used to connect you to the GSM. This means you can call anywhere to anyone in the world just with the help of the little micro ship in your phone.


Following are some benefits of having your own sim:

Direct communication:

One of the important uses of a sim is that you can make a direct communication with its help. The Sims is used to make phone calls or send text messages to the people around the globe. If you are somewhere in the world, sim is the only way to contact you. These are issued with a number that is only for you. It contains all the personal information and address etc.


If something happens to you like some kind of accident or kidnapping, with the help of your sim, people can track you too. This is the reason why kidnappers switch off their phone or the phone of the victim so no one can easily trace them, but somehow this is a very good technique to find out the missing person. All of this is done with the help of police and other organizations.

Other facilities:

If you are using your own SIM, there are some other facilities that you may enjoy too. Different calling companies give different packages to their users, so they get interested in their network and don’t switch to the others. For that reason they also give free minutes and internet MBs to their various users. Some also give the extra minutes on their new Sims too.


There are some disadvantages of the Sims too. Some are as follows:

Illegal use:

Do you know that your SIM can also be used illegally? This means that when it is caught, then you will be held responsible for that. Many people don’t know that when your SIM get lost, you need to file a report and have it blocked before someone uses it in some kind of fraud. Your sim is in your name so; its value is same as your identity card. You need to protect it with care and in case of any loss, contact the relative department for further assistance.

Children misuse:

This is a very important issue regarding Sims and that is child abuse. Children are so fascinated with the idea of contacting someone privately that they start misusing the Sims which happens because of their parents. They let them play with their cell phones and don’t check them often and instead of playing the games, they are making them. This is one of the causes of growing rate of child rape and this is all our responsibility. So don’t let your children play games on your cell phone, instead let them play outside in the ground with their mates and enjoy their lives like normal kids.

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