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Tech Savvy Ways to Save Money On Your Phone

For most people, smartphones continue to increase the bills that have to be paid in a home. However, the need to make more money is intense. Instead of worrying about how much your phone costs you every month, you should be thinking about ways in which you can use it to make money. Here are a few ways in which you can earn money with no upfront costs.

Consider Downloading Your Movies

Getting movie tickets once in awhile is great. It allows you to enjoy watching a movie outside your home with a couple of friends. There is nothing wrong with needing to change your scenery every now and then. To make money, you can choose to download movies for free. Numerous websites and apps allow you to download any movie you want at no fee. Instead of using your SIM card provider’s data subscriptions, you can find areas that offer free WIFI and use it to download the movies. This way, you will save tons of money and still get the entertainment you need.


Alternatively, you can choose to get memberships from cinema clubs. This will get you between 3 and 5 movie tickets each month at a minimal fee. You can then redeem these tickets at most movie theatres.

Surf and Watch Videos

It is easy to waste hours of your day on your phone doing absolutely nothing. Instead of playing games or scrolling social media sites endlessly on your free phone, you can make money. There are apps that give you points and awards for watching ads and videos online. You can then redeem the points you make for cash or gift cards. Some most famous apps include SwagBucks and CashPirate where you take quick surveys, watch videos and interact with ads. This allows you to spend less when shopping and also find ways to make money when you are idle.

Enjoy Shopping Much More

Everyone buys things on a daily basis. Women do it more than men, but everyone loves to shop. What if someone paid for the items you buy? Imagine how much you will save in a month. It is simple; to start earning, there are a few steps that need to be followed. For instance with Ibotta, your grocery shopping may be paid for when you answer a few questions related to the app, the products you buy and your favourite brands. You can cash out using PayPal, or you can take a picture of your receipt and get a cash back amount credited to you.

Earn For Working Out

There are wonderful workout apps out there that encourage you to keep your body shapely. With such apps, you get paid between $0.3 and $0.6 when you workout out. When you reach $5 and above, you can withdraw your payment through PayPal. However, there is a catch that keeps you on your toes. If you do not work out, you have to pay a predetermined fee. This money will be used to pay other people who did their exercises that day. GymPact is one such app that has been featured in many reviews and recommended greatly by people. It allows you to make money for doing something you love and one that will keep you happy.

Play Games

If you are constantly playing games on your free phone, you can do so at no upfront costs. You get to do so at double the fun because you can make money at the same time. Qriket will have you spin a wheel, pick one colour and if your selected shade is chosen, you will win anywhere between, $0.5 and $10. You can cash out the money once it reaches $25. Also, it is possible to earn realtime prizes of up to $100. A great way to ensure you have fun and keep earning and saving from your phone.


Whether you choose to shop, engage in online surveys or play games, there are many ways to make money on your phone at no upfront costs. You can also save money by choosing to text and call using apps instead of airtime. This will save the amount of airtime and texts you pay for each month.

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