The 4 Best Samsung Phones of 2018

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Smartphone technology evolves at a rapid pace. With every year, we see new phones from industry leaders boasting features more high-tech than the last. Take a closer look at four of the best Samsung phones for 2018.

Samsung Galaxy S9: A Powerful New Smartphone

The Galaxy S9, released in mid-March 2018, follows the Galaxy S8’s design cues, but this new flagship phone’s tech features help set it apart. The new Snapdragon 845 chip provides a boost of power, while the improved Adreno GPU delivers a smoother, more seamless user experience. Audio quality is also significantly improved. The Galaxy S9’s camera is its real selling point, though. It is the first mass-market smartphone with a Dual Aperture camera, resulting in superior pictures in a variety of lighting conditions. The Super Slow-mo mode helps you capture incredible Insta-worthy slow-motion videos.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: Cool Camera Makes It Worth the Splurge

If photography matters to you and you’ve got a little more to spend, it is worth upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus from T-Mobile, which offers the phone at one of the most affordable prices in the U.S. Unlike the base model, the S9 Plus has a dual rear camera for greater picture clarity and depth of field. This allows you to enjoy features like 2x optical zoom without sacrificing image quality.

In addition, the Galaxy S9 Plus has 6GB of RAM, 2GB more than the Galaxy S9, and its screen is 0.4 inches bigger. The larger 6.2-inch screen is ideal for viewing videos or Skyping friends.

Samsung Galaxy Note8: Safe Samsung With Plenty of Features

It was technically released in September 2017, but it has taken until 2018 for the Galaxy Note8 to really reach mainstream acceptance. Consumers were understandably reluctant after the Note7 batteries inspired a global recall, but by 2018, they knew the latest Note was made to last. Samsung put the latest batteries through a rigorous new testing procedure, including heat tests, to ensure consumer safety.

Just like the Galaxy S9 Plus, the Galaxy Note8 also has a dual rear camera and 6GB of RAM, both features not seen in many Samsung smartphones. At 6.3 inches, its screen is also a smidgen larger than the S9 Plus’s, thanks to the edge-to-edge display. The S Pen stylus is another unique perk you’ll appreciate when taking notes on the go or playing with the new Live Messages feature.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active: Excellent Smartphone Choice for People on the Move

A staggered 2017 release means it has taken until 2018 for many people to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active. However, it has recently become a popular choice for Americans on the move and the accident-prone. The S8 Active’s biggest selling point is its virtually indestructible design. There is no need to hide this piece of tech in a protective case because its military-grade body is tough enough to survive all on its own. Metal and plastic bumpers on the edges and a shatter-resistant Gorilla Glass screen mean you should not see any ill-effects after accidental drops.

The Galaxy S8 Active is also dust- and water-resistant, so you need not worry when taking this smartphone to a job-site, the beach, or a muddy music festival. In fact, Samsung boasts that the Galaxy S8 Active can withstand a half-hour soak in 5-feet of water, if you are feeling brave.

A phone that is made to last needs tech features that will not quickly show their age. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active delivers, with a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4 GB of RAM, and a 12 MP camera. Super AMOLED technology makes the most of the 5.8-inch display, which has an impressive resolution of 2,960 x 1,440 pixels. The built-in heart rate sensor is a great touch for active users, while the fingerprint recognition boosts its security credentials.

This is a year for new smartphone releases and growing popularity for slightly older models for Samsung. With the South Korean brand expected to release a folding phone by the year’s end, the future looks bright for this tech giant.