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The Personal Touch: Why You Should Consider Giving Custom Phone Cases For Holiday Gifts

Gifts are essential and can mean a lot to someone you love – family, friend, fiancé, or co-worker. Especially during the holiday seasons. But finding the best gift to give them could be very challenging. You need to gift them with something that will enlighten their holiday mood and make them enjoy every bit of it. Technology gave us a powerful communication tool, the phone. A few decades ago, people had their phones fixed somewhere inside their home and could hardly carry them wherever they’d go. Years later, technological advancements saw the introduction of portable smartphones.

Everyone tends to carry their phone with them almost everywhere they go – work, church, school, toilet, workouts, hiking, weddings….name them. People treasure their phones and would want to have the best experience possible from using them. Have you considered gifting your loved ones with custom phone cases? This is a gift they’ll get to have a lot of fun with owing to its amazing benefits. We’ve put together a list of some of the reasons why choosing to give custom phone cases for holiday gifts can be the best way to enhance your personal touch. Please read on.

  1. Can Be Personalized with One’s Name or Monogram

Personalizing one’s property such as a phone makes it additionally special. Names, personal sayings, or monograms can be added to the case. If you’re looking for something to gift your friends or family especially over the holidays, then a personalized phone case can make a great gift. There are several platforms available, such as the Custom Envy, where you can get your loved one a personalized custom case. All you’ll have to do is inform the professionals in these platforms the type of phone your loved one is using and then select the case that you’d prefer their names or monogram to be added. Voila!

The professionals will then do the rest of the work and your gift will be ready. Therefore, if you want to make your loved ones feel they’re loved and remembered, get them a custom case gift with something that makes them special. This could be a specific event along with the respective date or their favorite photo with some monograms.

  1. Define a Person’s Likes

Everyone has something that they like, perhaps more than anything else. They’d feel good seeing or thinking about it most of the time. The best way anyone can define these likes is through having custom made phone cases which they’ll get to embrace wherever they go. Your loved one probably has something that makes them happy. It could be a specific sport, a pet, a place, or a movie character. You can find it out and gift them with a phone case that defines that which they love most. There’s no doubt that this will enlighten their holiday mood and even the days after.

  1. Can Be Designed to Match One’s Lifestyle

Different people have different styles and lifestyles. They’d want their vehicles, houses, phones, and other important stuff around them to reflect their lifestyle habits. Regular phone cases can hardly reflect any personal lifestyle. But, luckily, custom cases can. Which is why it’s important to consider gifting your loved one a custom case that reflects their style and fits their lifestyle. Regardless of their lifestyle, there’s always a possibility to get them a custom phone case, especially as a holiday gift.

  1. They Increase Phone’s Durability and Life

If you purchase a phone today and it gets damaged within a short period of time, you’ll be disappointed and stressed. In fact, it’ll be more painful if you come to learn that the damage could have been prevented and could still be having your phone even months later. Phone cases are very essential to increase the durability and life of your phone. Custom phone cases have an extra advantage as compared to the regular cases. You’ll get to choose a more durable and strong material to be used when designing your custom case. This way, you can enjoy using your phone for a maximum period of time possible without having to worry about possible avoidable damage.

  1. They Are an Accessory

A custom phone case is a versatile accessory that enhances the general aesthetic look of the respective phone. People customize some of their properties and they end up looking beautiful and attractive, and custom cases are a better way of enhancing how your phone looks. These cases give you the freedom of embellishing your phone in any way you’d want owing to the variety of options available. Embrace a personal touch with your loved ones by gifting them a custom case to act as an accessory.

  1. It’s a Way of Embracing Fashion

Perhaps you’ve come across phone cases that look somehow ugly because of, say, the bulk materials used to make the case or being of a uniform color. With a custom case, your loved one will get the freedom to choose a case that embraces fashion – imaging with trending designer looks. You can get a case designed for their phone regardless of whether it’s become old or looks less classy. The custom case will make it look classy and with a beautiful fashion statement. This way, your loved ones can confidently carry on with their planned holiday program without any stress.

  1. It Provides Uniqueness

Having a phone with a regular phone casing can make you look regular especially in a public place. Such cases are common with several people and can easily be obtained by anyone. Hundreds and thousands of people could be using cases with one common design. This makes custom phone cases the best option to go for, more so if you want your loved one to be unique in some way. Think of something that makes them unique and have it custom designed and printed onto the phone case. By gifting them the case, you’ll be able to show them that you care for their general well-being and that you appreciate having them around. They’ll love the unique look that reflects them as a person.

  1. It Provides Excellent Protection

Custom phone cases are mostly decorative and attractive to the sight. Some may be tempted to believe that this is the main purpose for having these cases. Well, while it’s true that custom cases can be very attractive, they’re also designed to provide excellent protection from damage. Phones are vulnerable to get damaged because of a variety of factors – falling, scratches, or dust. The damage can be worse if the phone lacked a case when the incident occurred – I doubt if this won’t be painful. While one can insure their phones for accidental damage, it can be quite costly. Which is why a custom case will help provide an extra layer of protection. If your loved one likes using their phone most of the time and especially as they run or cycle, you need to consider getting them a more durable case.

  1. Portable Mini-Theater

Watching videos or reading some notes on your phone while holding it in your hands for a long could result in sore arms and headaches due to the assumption of a poor posture. Luckily, some custom phone cases come with a foldable front flap. This allows one to prop up the phone and relax to enjoy more comfortable watching without necessarily having to hold the phone all the time. If your loved one is an avid video watcher and often experiences sore arms, getting them a custom case with a foldable front flap will be very vital. It lets them enjoy watching their favorite shows or movies from the portable mini-theatre over the holiday and even several days thereafter.

  1. They’re A Perfect Way to Revamp

Perhaps you can relate to the instances where you have been bored using the same phone for quite some time. You might have thought of throwing away the phone to purchase another one – which you’ll get bored with again over a certain period of time. However, custom phone cases can ensure that this boredom never makes you throw away your phone, considering you had to spend good money purchasing it. How’s this possible? Well, instead of throwing away your phone soon after getting bored with it, you can instead get a new case designed to embrace your preferred style. This way, you’ll get to enjoy using the phone once again. This also applies to your loved ones. They also can get bored using their current phone over for some time or are embarrassed about taking it with them as they attend certain events over the holiday. You can, therefore, surprise them with a trendy custom case and change their holiday mood for the better.


Almost all phones, especially the smartphones, look identical. This means that there’ll be nothing special and uplifting about them. They’ll be just like regular tools. But people can now have personalized phone cases with unique looks that reflects them and their lifestyle, apart from the obvious function of offering reasonable protection. Gifting your loved ones with custom phone cases can be the best way to help them have the best of their phone usage experience. You can look out for other relevant themed blogs to learn more about custom phone cases and how you can benefit from having one.

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