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3 Web Design Tips to Improve Your Online Visibility

It’s naive to think that any new business can survive (let alone thrive) in the modern business world without a functional and effective website. This is especially true when one considers the sheer number of interactions that occur between customers and businesses digitally. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a company to have most of their communication with their customer base occur through online channels. This leads us to our topic of the day, namely: how do you make sure your customers are able to find your website in the first place? We’ll provide three tips to help solve that very issue, and explain how you can turn even the most cumbersome web page into a sleek, successful digital hub.

Keep it Simple 

If you’re not a web-design expert (and few people are) then don’t try to over-exert yourself when it comes to creating a layout for your website. Sure, some templates might be eye-catching and exciting to look at, but you should always remember that your website needs to help your leads find your products and services easily. If navigating through your site is a chore, few interested customers will dig through pages of filler and fluff to find what they’re looking for.

Be Picky About Keywords 

Few businesses have the years of experience and the financial resources to rank highly on search engines for heavy-volume keywords. Though this can be discouraging for some businesses, it actually provides new companies with an opportunity –– if they’re willing to take it. Rather than going head-to-head with bigger, more established corporations in your field, instead opt to optimize your pages for keywords with lower volume and higher specificity. This way, even if you lose some overall click volume, the people who do come to your site will likely make good customers.

Show and Tell 

Now more than ever before, your website needs to be as much a resource to interested parties as it is a means of selling your products. In other words, you need to focus more on providing valuable information than necessarily advertising your business. Pillar pages, blog posts, and in-depth web pages can all go a long way toward establishing your company as a major player in your industry online. Also, anything that can boost reader engagement –– specifically videos, graphics, and compelling images –– are worth exploring in greater depth.

The Bottom Line 

Your company is special. The internet is your stage to show off the best you have to offer. Note that the best way to boost your website in general is to focus on the specifics. So promoting products that separate you from the competition –– whether that’s a vanishpoint blood collection set, or an industrial-strength shower head –– will help you stand out more than “generic” marketing tactics. Remember: if you sweat the small stuff now, you’ll set yourself up for big successes later on.

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