4 Tips to Make Windows 10 Easier to Use

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There are many outstanding features in Windows 10, but the interface is often confusing and overwhelming for some people. The customization options in Windows can help you meet your needs. Here are four tips to help beginners and experienced users to get started with Windows 10 and make it easier to use.

Use a Launcher

If you want to change how you interact with Windows 10, you could try a launcher. Launchers have been popular on phones for some time. One example of a launcher for Windows 10 is OneLaunch. Some launcher software allows you to move parts of the screen around to create a very different look while others make Windows more accessible to use. Launchers may also add new key commands, visual cues, and sounds to make Windows a completely new experience. 

Adjust Ease of Access Settings

Ease of access settings can change many aspects of windows to make it more accessible. In the search bar on the lower left, type “Ease of access”. In the first window, you can change to a keyboard on the screen and add functions to your keyboard. On the left of that window is a menu with other settings you can adjust to make Windows easier to use, so become familiar with each option. Vision settings can change the size of the default font, adjust the brightness, change the cursor, and make everything on the screen larger. In Hearing options, you can show visual alerts, change the volume, or add closed captions. 

Learn Key Commands

Keyboard shortcuts can help you execute tasks more quickly and efficiently. Select some text and use Control + C to copy it or Control + X to cut it. Then paste it in another place with Control + V. The Windows key, which is an image of a window that is usually close to your space bar, can be used with other keys to perform functions in Windows. Use the Windows key + X to open the Quick Link menu. Windows key + Tab will show you all the windows you have open. Some computer systems will allow you to take a screenshot with Windows key + PrtSc. 

Change Your Browser

Many users choose to switch from the Microsoft Edge browser to Chrome or Firefox. Edge can’t be disabled, but you can set another browser to be your default browser. To change your default apps, type “default apps” in the search bar on the lower left. Under “Web Browser”, you can click on the current browser to select a new app. If you choose Chrome or Firefox as the new browser, you can add extensions to customize your experience even more on the website for that browser. 

Some changes may make your computer easier to use immediately, but others may need time before they feel natural. Try changing a few settings at a time before making additional changes. You can customize Windows 10 to become comfortable and efficient regardless of how you use it.