5 Reasons To Watch ‘Stargirl’

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A new addition to the CW lineup hit the small screen in May of 2020 and made a huge splash with DC comic fans. If you’re looking for a new series to binge-watch, this could be the perfect show to help you pass the time. If you hurry through the 13-episode first season, you can finish up just in time to catch the second season when it premieres later in 2021. Here are five reasons you should give ‘Stargirl’ a shot at becoming your new favorite show.

1. It Gives a New Spin on the DC Universe

Guided by executive producer Geoff Johns, who also wrote the comic books the TV series is based on, ‘Stargirl’ is an extension of the DC universe. DC fans will adore this plucky heroine and her band of unlikely sidekicks. The series is set up to be parallel to other shows within the DC universe, so if you are a DC comic fan, watching this series is a great way to expand your knowledge of the subject.

2. It Features a Great Cast

Led by Brec Bassinger, the cast of ‘Stargirl’ is filled with talented actors and actresses who really bring the characters to life. The deeper you get into the TV series, the more you will feel like these people are your friends instead of just characters on a show.

It Is Exciting

You won’t ever be bored while watching ‘Stargirl’. Every episode is filled with drama and twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat while you watch young Courtney Whitmore embrace her role as a superhero while navigating the stress of growing up.

4. It Offers a New Take on Stereotypical Characters

Characters with no depth are boring and unrelatable. You never have to worry about that with ‘Stargirl’ because every character has obvious strengths and weaknesses that make him or her human. Instead of stereotypical characters that function solely as plot devices, this series brings real people to life.

5. It Refreshes the Hero Genre

The hero genre has been around for many years, but the trope is usually the same. The hero or heroine is usually an adult, and if there are younger characters, they usually become the sidekicks. “Stargirl’ turns that trope on its head by making all of the heroes teenagers. The one surviving hero from the past group of superheroes becomes Stargirl’s sidekick rather than taking over the emerging group of superheroes, so the entire series is hopeful and refreshing.

Although “Stargirl” is a new TV series with just its freshman season under its belt, it offers lots of promise with a refreshing storyline and a great cast. While watching the show is a good way to expand your knowledge of the DC universe, you don’t have to have an extensive understanding of other series to know what is going on in ‘Stargirl’. It is a great series to watch to pass the time. Start watching it today so that you are ready when the second season drops.