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5 Tips for Launching Your New Website

Launching a new website is an exciting and sometimes daunting process. It’s helpful to consider the “launch” stage as a point between design/development and maintenance/revision. This helps keep the entire process in perspective as you plan. Here are five key things to think about as you prepare to launch.

1. Be Clear on Your Purpose

The purpose of your website must be clear not only in your mind but also in the way that the website looks and functions. Do you intend to market and sell products and/or services online? Are you using the website as a showcase for your work? Is it a simple site that communicates the feel of your brand and presents ways to get in touch? A definite focus will help your visitors — and you!

2. Optimize Your SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of helping your site rank as high as possible in search engine results. SEO is “baked in” to every step of the website creation process; choosing a domain name, optimizing the structure and content of your site, weaving in important keywords and meta descriptions, and more. Need some assistance? Call on seasoned specialists like local SEO Austin to help you navigate.

3. Research the Market

Search out websites that have similar objectives, products/services, or branding — and make notes. Doing your research will give you a good sense of best practices for your field, and give you ideas on how to stand out from the competition.

4. Focus on High-Level Branding

It’s crucial that your business has a unique look and delivers a consistent online message. High-level branding that’s professional looking and authentic will help you achieve that goal. Choose a color palette that’s streamlined and resonant with your brand. Color plays a big role in the perception of your brand identity (including your logo), so keep in mind as you choose that colors are associated with various emotions and types of brands.

5. Make it Responsive

The high level of mobile internet usage requires that your website be mobile-friendly. Be sure that your visitors have a fluid experience when browsing through your website on their phones. Responsive design also helps SEO; a firm like MOTOZA SEO can help ensure a seamless experience for your users.
Each step of preparing your new website brings new opportunities for you to connect positively with your visitors. Try these tips for a successful launch.

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