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6 Reasons Business people Should Opt For a 2-in-1 Laptop

As a business professional, your laptop is the most important item you carry with you on trips. It’s also your central point of communication when you want to work from home. The quality of your notebook computer directly influences the quality of your work while out of the office. You need to select the perfect machine to enhance your performance, and the best option today is a 2-in-1 laptop. Here are six reasons business employees should buy one.

Design Matters

Your standard laptop computer has a design flaw. For a decade, people put up with it even as they innately understood the problem. The monitor on a notebook doesn’t adjust for different viewing angles. You have to sit in a certain way to see the screen details. Some clever architect finally addressed the issue through the invention of the 2-in-1 notebook.

You Can Slide

There are three main designs for these computers. The most unique design is the slider. This device looks like a tablet, but it hides a secret. You can slide the monitor to reveal a keyboard underneath. The clamshell style is clever, but it’s not optimal. As with a standard laptop, there are only two viable deployments. You’ll either have the slider open like a laptop or closed like a tablet.

You’ll Get Notebook Power and Tablet Convenience

Detachable notebooks are a wonderful option for tablet fans that occasionally require a keyboard for work utility. The core concept is in the description. These tablets detach from their keyboards for quick conversion into a smaller package. When you need a laptop style, you simply snap the keyboard back to the device. The interior of the screen area holds all the computer processing power, making the keyboard a convenient accessory rather than a primary component.

Flexible Design Is the Best Computer Style Today

The most robust of the three options is the flexible design. In order to get the most out of a 2-in-1 laptop, you want an innovative build that provides many ways to view the screen. The flexible design can rest on your lap like a notebook or sit like a tablet. It can also provide different set-ups from the others. Product lines like the 2-in-1 Lenovo Yoga laptops offer additional configurations such as standing and tent positions.

Standing means that the notebook can sit entirely upright. The tent design is exactly how it sounds, with the screen and keyboard residing at an acute angle. The standing position provides convenient access, especially with spreadsheet usage. The tent position is more practical when sitting unevenly. It’s also great for video chatting. None of these options are available to either laptop or tablet users.

Better Form Than a Regular Laptop

Due to the manufacturing process of 2-in-1 notebooks, they are very convenient to transport. A standard laptop weighs several pounds more than a two-in-one device. One of the primary reasons for the weight disparity is the keyboard, which is a harder form on regular notebooks. Much of the processing occurs on this side, so the chips and battery generally reside here. In a two-in-one, the screen holds the processor chip, so the keyboard weighs very little.

What’s remarkable about this difference is the screen size. You can still find 13.3” 2-in-1 notebooks, so you don’t have to sacrifice anything in terms of the picture.

Many of the screen specs are the same for both types of notebook computers. So, a 2-in-1 weighs less while delivering similar results.

But More Powerful Than a Tablet

People who choose a 2-in-1 notebook understand the limitations of a tablet. These clever devices currently lack the functionality to perform hardcore computational tasks. They’re capable of a great deal, but they have their limitations.

A 2-in-1 notebook has no such constraints. Many of them match the power of other notebook computers in terms of processing power. The most impressive aspect is that they can provide this sort of computational performance while offering a great deal longer battery life.

Choosing the right computer can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, there’s an easy choice today. If you want the portability and battery life of a tablet but the power and screen quality of a notebook, choose a 2-in-1 laptop.

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