8 Industries That Have Been Transformed by Cloud Computing

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Data has increasingly become an important tool in reaching a high level of success with a business. As the needs for data have risen across all industries, the need for larger data storage solutions has also increased. Companies that needed large amounts of data safely secured started to look at better solutions that used technology instead of expanding their physical space. This is where cloud storage and cloud computing have come in and found success. Here are eight industries where the cloud has helped improve the way business has been conducted.

1. Internet Technology

Cloud computing has its origins in internet technology, and this industry has also been heavily influenced by the capabilities of this service. The entire process of cloud computing is made possible by the internet, since the cloud is essentially a remote computer that is accessed using the internet. The cloud has allowed for many more storage options for data for the average computer user online. Instead of relying on their own computer’s hard drive for important file storage, users could opt for the more extensive choice online.

2. Financial Services

Next, banks and other financial organizations have started to migrate to the cloud. This migration has benefitted banks with increased capabilities and better security for their clients’ personal and financial data. Since mobile banking and other smartphone technologies are becoming more important to consumers, the cloud makes more sense as a storage solution than other traditional physical spaces. While large financial companies are commonly using the cloud, expect to see smaller and more localized banks getting on board.

3. Retail

Data is also important to the retail industry, and some shopping portals or retail giants are using the cloud to help manage their databases of product and customer information. More consumers are turning away from the traditional brick and mortar retail centers, allowing online stores to get an edge over their old-fashioned competitors. With access to the cloud, even the small boutique online store can get an advantage.

4. Software Development

The software development industry has also learned valuable lessons from the capabilities of cloud computing. Software development has experienced huge gains because of the new flexibility from the cloud. Customers have also benefitted from cloud-based software systems instead of traditional software delivered on discs or residing on each computer’s hard drive.

5. Marketing and Advertising

In today’s marketing and advertising setting, data has become essential to getting ahead. Companies can be more effective in finding and keeping customers if they have information about consumer habits, demographics, and more. This allows companies to target to the specific customer who may be interested in their services. Cloud computing has given this industry much more capability and better results with their clients.

6. Customer Call Centers

The cloud has also transformed services related to customer call center phone systems all over the world. Call centres in the Philippines and other parts of the world now offer options related to cloud telephony that eliminate the need for a complicated on-site computerized phone system. Instead, businesses can use the cloud to help meet their call centers technical needs and have their system hosted remotely.

7. Education

The next industry that is seeing big changes with the introduction of the cloud into its practices is education. More school systems are opting to use the cloud to host their data about students and their staff. Additionally, as smartphones and tablets become more common in the classroom, educators prefer connecting to a library of educational technology hosted online by the school system than downloading large files and programs to each individual device. This gives both students and teachers more learning opportunities.

8. Healthcare

The last industry that has seen a transformation because of the cloud is the healthcare industry. Medical providers and health organizations, such as practices and hospitals, are finding out how much more cost effective and efficient a cloud-based storage solution is for their data about patients. Some providers are even trying to use wearable technology to monitor their patients, which requires cloud-based systems to help upload and record data. This way, more information is available and patients can get customized care.

While the cloud’s newness and novelty have worn off, there are more industries learning about the benefits of this technology. As the cloud expands and more people figure out additional advantages, more fields will make it an essential part of their operations.