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ASUS Introduces Beyond Virtual Reality Ready Program

ASUS introduces Beyond Virtual Reality Ready Program, for users keen to gear up for the virtual-reality gaming revolution. ASUS has always worked closely with leading industry partners, to provide a wide range of ASUS graphics cards, motherboard and systems work seamlessly with the new gen of fully-immersive Virtual reality headsets and accessories.

ASUS Beyond Virtual Reality Ready Program open up a new way to configure and build your dream system with total confidence, not just for Virtual Reality purposes, but for a productivity, capable gaming and entertainment machine.

asus beyond ready VR program

ASUS has apparently lab-tested its components and systems for finding exactly what hardware is fit for the task, that information is available for users to peruse via the handy Beyond Virtual Reality Ready microsite, along with details regarding the test configurations used to carry out the research.

The Beyond Virtual Reality Ready program may be another way for Asus to sell its wares, but it is an interesting demo of the rapidly changing Virtual Reality market. Given that users have proven to be receptive to expensive headsets, this kind of hardware might become the norm as customer seek out the best possible system to run their content.

Looking by the list of components that noted a wide range of motherboards spanning those with Intel Z170, B150, H170 and X99 chipsets were Beyond Virtual Reality Ready. Graphics cards that qualified for the ‘assurance’ included Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 models and faster, and AMD’s Radeon 390/R9 Nano models and faster.

ASUS will continue to update the listings on its Beyond Virtual Reality Ready microsite as more qualifying lab-tested components and systems are launched.

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