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ASUS Unveils ROG Rampage V Edition 10 Gaming Motherboards For Broadwell-E

ASUS displayed the new Rampage V Edition 10, an X99 motherboard targeting the release of the Intel Broadwell-E processors that are announced at Computex.

Built to take advantage of Intel’s upcoming Broadwell-E processors, including the 10-core Intel Core i7-6950X, this Rampage V Edition 10 is actually a symbolic refresh to celebrate 10 years of ROG history.

It’s designed for true aficionados and represents the pinnacle of what an X99 motherboard can be. With chiseled lines and a gray and black colorway, the Rampage V Edition 10 wouldn’t look out of place in one of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight movies. But the aesthetics are not static; they can be modified to suit different roles. Many of the board’s accent pieces can be replaced with 3D-printed option that you design, enabling a whole new level of personalization for makers, modders, and anyone else who wants their PC to stand out from the masses. 3D source files can be downloaded from the ROG website.

ROG Rampage V Edition 10

One standout feature is ASUS Aura, an RGB lighting feature that allows you to customize the illumination effects on the board itself by using the Aura software. There are actually five separate lighting zones, comprising the PCIe slots, I/O shroud, PCH heatsink, ROG badge, and integrated backplate. What’s more, the different lighting areas are independently controlled, so you can be assured that the resulting effects are anything but subtle. If you want flashy, this is the board for you.

Connectivity options are aplenty as well, and users have access to dedicated M.2, U.2, and USB 3.1 slots (there are 4), in addition to wireless networking thanks to a 3×3 Wi-Fi module.

The ROG Rampage V Edition 10 will retail for US$599.

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