Dell XPS 12 – 2 In 1 Clever Laptop

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Dell acknowledges its inspiration for the 2015 XPS 12. The XPS 12 also offers what Dell calls a true typing experience; “not an accessory.” From any brief time with the XPS 12, it appears as if Dell has nailed it on both fronts. The Austin, Texas based firm’s goal was to make the transition between laptop and tablet as fluid as possible for this device, by chance even more so than it is with a Surface.


The XPS 12 in one configuration and angle while in laptop mode. While the most commonly used position and likely the most common angle by adjusting the screen to avoid some distracting fluorescent lights does not look like it is in the cards here.

XPS 12 comes in two distinct pieces the 11.46 inch wide tablet and laptop grade keyboard base, that never actually connect mechanically. It surely feels weird at first to close a laptop without a hinge, but it rapidly fades away when you learn to simply treat it as if there were one there.

The XPS 12’s chiclet spaced keys possess comely more travel and feel closer to typing on a ThinkPad. The rubberized keyboard deck and roomy, smooth glass trackpad round out the inputs quite well.

Dell’s Infinity Display tech at work here, which cuts back the left and right bezels to nearly nothing. We first saw this tech in the Dell XPS 13 model launched at CES this year, and it works like a charm here.

Dell’s decided to target an audience that Apple has been able to attract like moths to the flame, apparently without even trying. It is that cross between the C level executive that wants a strong, sharp and serviceable device when going into offsite meetings and the consumer that wants much of the same for somewhat different.

The XPS 12 comes packing the same Dual Ccore, 1.1-GHz Intel Core m5 6Y54 processor in all configurations, with 8GB of RAM and either 128 or 256GB of Solid State Storage. A Dell exec reassured me that this device, with Intel HD Graphics 515, is able to push tasks in 4K from spreadsheet work to watching video in UHD.

The new XPS 12 looks to be no exception. The company has attained a far ingenious and elegant method for the 2 in 1 experience than any PC based maker.