Fuji Subservience AIO tabletop FCR PRIMA With Standard Image Reading Mammography

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The world leading Photography Company FujiFilm has made assistance for the hospital solutions with its FCR PRIMA  Medical System with Standard Image Reading Mammography compatibility.

FujiFilm FCR PRIMA Tm The All-in-one FCR PRIMA is made compact and space-saving design with which you can take it to any room, place on a table, chair, and in the shelf , or transport to any place with ease and satisfaction. The FCR PRIMA Tm is the world’s newest and smallest All-in-one tabletop CR with the high speed processing, the model can access 73 images per hour as well 40 mammography images can be made with the greatest level of worldliness.

The All-in-one FCR PRIMA has the ability to tweak high-Quality mammography images with the help of Fujifilm’s Image Intelligence technology. The FCR features Multi-frequency processing which makes FCR images more effective and clean.

The IP requires minimum of 49 seconds to load and minimum 33 seconds to go on display with reading specification of 10 pixels /mm, 5 pixels /mm, and 20 pixels /mm. The FCR takes only a minimum time of around 165 seconds to print on DRYPIX Smart.

The FCR PRIMA Tm has a unique 560mm W × 540 mm D × 392 mm H and weighs only 39kg, power supply condition are Single phase 50-60 Hz, AC120-240V ±10% 1.9A (max), the device can be operate on 15 to 30 degrees temperature and atmospheric pressure of 750-1060hPa.