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How Can I Share Large Files Online?

Data sharing is becoming a great demand for most consumers. Everybody wants to share a file or document with their partner through digital channels. However, most online platforms that allow file sharing have a size limit. Email services have a 25 MB limit, and that is because large files take up considerable storage space even when sitting in the Sent folder. This article focuses on alternatives you can consider sharing large files online within minutes.

Send Through Email by Uploading it to the Cloud

Email services provide corresponding cloud storage for their users to help share large files. You will need to update these files to the services cloud storage and then send them through email. They include Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, making it easier to share files. This channel is ideal for individuals sending attachments internally to colleagues through an email provider.

Consider File Compression Software

A file compression software will help compress your large files. There are several compression platforms you can consider that support lossless data compression and effectively save space and time. Compressed files are easier and safer to send.

Use We Transfer

There are dozens of online services offering file-sharing services, but not many compare to apps such as WeTransfer. The platform allows you to share files up to 2 GB in a simple and secure system that is affordable. You are not limited to the type of format the files are sent in; apps like the WeTransfer app is open to different data forms.


You can share large files online by uploading them to your hosting server through a File Transfer Protocol. A Secure File Transfer Protocol is a safer alternative to FTP and encrypts the shared data using a secure shell. It would be best to consider using an SFTP when sending classified files to your clients or colleagues.

Share the Files as a Link

Some tools help you upload your files, generate a link, and share the link with others. Opening the link will allow the recipient to download the files and access the information. This option is safe, provided you find a reliable tool that supports lossless data upload and download across different devices.

Most file sharing approaches online limit you to only sharing small-sized files. To share large files, you will have to consider specific channels mentioned in our article. You can view the file-sharing strategies here to transfer large files safely and reliably.

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