Internet 101

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For all those who received a new laptop or tablet for Christmas, but still haven’t gotten around to getting your head around how it actually works, fear not because there is help at hand. The fact that you are currently reading this on the internet, may be an indication that you have in fact already cracked it, so congratulations. But if you are still in a bit of a kerfuffle, here are some handy tips that are sure to make your web server surfing go a lot smoother.

Internet 101

Technologists and engineers are constantly working to improve service and make a better experience for all prospective customers, which is a good thing, right? But when there are terms flying around like ‘fibre-backed network’, it can be a bit daunting in attempting to experience all the new improvements yourself. Simply, there are a number of high speed internet bundles out there just waiting for you to take advantage of them, and it’s so simple to do so. In fact, somebody else will do it for you, if you ask them nicely enough. Learn as much as you can about all your options and make sure to compare bundles.

And once online, like when doing anything, it is pivotal that you safeguard yourself as much as possible against any potential disasters. From everything from trolls, to cyber bullies, to hackers, to scammers and to viruses, click here to learn how to protect yourself. A simple way to prepare yourself for any potential disasters is by getting yourself a password manager, the best of which can be found here. Their purpose is to store your login information for all the important websites that you use regularly.They encrypt your password database with a master password which is in fact the only one you have to remember.

As well as this, antivirus software is of great importance. Viruses, worms and malware are malicious; they perform such acts as deleting files, accessing personal data and even using your computer to attack other ones. To help keep your computer healthy, check out the top ten best antivirus software and see which one suits you and your device the best.

And with all the important (and slightly boring stuff over) it’s time to start surfing the web like you’ve never done before. You’ve probably heard of this ‘Twitter’ malarky over the past few years along with ‘hashtag this’ and ‘hashtag that’ without really having a clue about what it meant or even what it was, am I right? But now you’re clued up in the online world, why not create a Twitter account to see what all the fuss is about? When you really know what you’re doing you’ll be Tweeting like a pro!

And if you’re still struggling to get to grips with the whole internet thing, don’t hesitate to ask any millennial you might know; they’ll surely be able to point you in the right direction!