Reviews of the 10 best website builders

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Website building is becoming an utmost necessity for every organization either small or big. With the help of these web pages, you are able to understand the products and services offered by the owner of the website. In the layman’s language website is an online page with relevant written or multimedia content. Through these web pages, the organization displays the information about itself. They are helpful for both the viewer and the website owner. Because of the huge demand, there are a large number of website creators available in the IT market. With the help of website builder reviews, you are able to judge them effectively. As these reviews are true and provided by the professionals in this field.

These website building sites are judged with the help of ranking their services and features. Most of them may ask for a huge amount of fees to develop the website and even take yearly charges for its maintenance. To make the task easier, the website builder reviews can help you in selecting the suitable website builder to create your website.  In this article, you are provided with the best of 10 best website builders and their reviews.


Leading the list of 10 best website developers, WIX carries a good overall score of 98 percent. With marvelous backend services, here the website creating is very reliable and affordable. It gets 5-star ratings in templates, features, value for money and more importantly eases in usage.

2 Site Builder

The second position is taken by Site Builder and maintaining a score of 97 percent in overall performance. This site contains a good star ranking in all the leading features which are necessary for the clients. The services they provide are total value for money and you get a free account with a domain for lifetime.

3 Site 123

With the exciting feature of an instant language, this site takes the third position in the list if 10 best websites builders. Here you get the option to customize the templates as per your requirement and is the best choice for the beginners. Moreover, one can go through website builder reviews and research more about Site 123.

4 Website

The fourth position with respect to ranking is taken by Website The overall score of this website creator is 96 percent and it helps you to make a unique website for your firm. With an ease of operations, it is best for the initiators.

5 Shopify

Shopify is known for handling the payment processor and website in a single stage. Obtaining the overall score of 95 percent, it’s very easy and trouble-free in usage. With good backend support, you can also link it with other domains and famous networking sites.

6 1&1

With good website builder reviews, it maintains a score of 95 percent in overall performance. It supports both Windows and Linux servers. Obtaining four stars rating in customer support it also offers various features and packages for every user with different skill set.

7 Go Daddy

One of the cheapest website builders, Go daddy obtains the seventh position in the list of 10 best website builders. It provides decent services to its users and even charges fewer maintenance costs.

8 I Page

By maintaining the overall score of 91 percent, one can rely on I Page for the best hosting for the clients. It contains a wide range of good quality templates; this website builder is exclusively reliable and affordable.

9 Square Space

In the case, you want to make a beautiful website than head for Square Space. Holding the score of 90 percent, you get the uniquely crafted templates for your website.

10 Weebly

This website may hold the tenth position but is well known globally. By maintaining a score of 88 percent, it is very dependable and suits every pocket.