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SanDisk Display Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C Flash Drive

Sandisk recently announced two main products at Computex but it was the prototype that was exciting. Sandisk released its first-gen USB flash drives featuring 2 types of connectors: USB-A and USB-C in a bid to address the growing market of devices featuring USB Type-C, but retain compatibility along with billions of legacy devices.

The idea being that it can easily be used on mobile devices and desktops alike. It’s available in 16 gigabyte (US$20), 32 gigabyte (US$29), 64 gigabyte (US$39) or 128 gigabyte (US$69) capacities with USB 3.1 read transfer speeds of up to 150MB/s and are compatible with all the devices featuring USB-A and USB-C receptacles. Furthermore, they are also compatible with SanDisk’s Memory Zone application for Google Android to manage and backup content on devices running the OS. Write speeds weren’t stated.


Introduced commercially in 2015, the USB Type-C connector is rapidly gaining traction among suppliers of PCs, tablets, smartphones and other electronics. For manufacturers of peripherals adoption of new ports by devices is an important factor because they want to address broader audiences along with their products. While USB Type-C is gaining popularity, there are still way too many sys featuring USB Type-A ports, which is why it makes a lot of sense to build peripherals compatible with both types of USB.

Additionally, analysts from Strategy Analytics believe that even by 2020 only about 44 percent of mobile phones will use USB-C, which is a remarkable growth, but which still means that 56 percent of mobile phones will keep using other types of connectors.

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