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Save Money & Boost Efficiency With a Hosted PBX Service

There’s a growing number of businesses cutting the cord these days, making their move to a cloud phone system. Here’s the inside story that explains why Hosted VoIP phone system usage is skyrocketing, for business users located around the globe.

Save on Hardware Expenses

Hosted PBX services eliminate three different kinds of phone hardware expenses. And these expenses can really add up for a business in the long run, especially when they have phone hardware at multiple locations.

First and foremost, you will no longer have a need for phone hardware, like telephone servers, the dedicated space they use, or the extra cooling and backup power requirements that come with the territory, once you move to a Hosted PBX phone system.

Second, you will no longer have the burden of expensive on-site visits for service technicians at one or multiple locations, to install, repair or replace telephone equipment, like copper wire and phone jacks, once you move to a Hosted PBX phone system.

Third, your business will no longer have to pay for expensive hardware upgrades, to expand the number of lines or the available features on your business phone system, like you currently do, with your existing phone system.

With a Hosted PBX phone system, all maintenance and upgrades are included in the price of your monthly bill, and you can easily add lines and extensions using self-service administrative tools.

Increase Your Mobility

Your business also gains tons of flexibility by moving to a Hosted VoIP phone system. Members of your team can make and receive calls through your company’s Virtual PBX, over any Internet connection, allowing them to work virtually anywhere.

This is something that can’t be done with an on-premise PBX that’s bound to one location. Your company has the ultimate freedom in its communications, when using a Hosted PBX service, with the ability to route calls to employees located anywhere on the globe.

This is sometimes referred to as “The Virtual Office”, since an organization’s workers can all stay connected on the same communications system, without the need to be physically present at the same location.

This is especially helpful for any organization with a large mobile workforce, like sales people who are frequently out of the office. Customers can call the main number for your business, and still reach a sales representative, even when they are on the go, thanks to features like call find-me/call follow-me, that Hosted PBX platforms support.

A Hosted PBX system can also make it easier to provide customer service or support outside of your normal business hours, since calls can be easily routed to different phones that an employee uses, at different times, based on the rules that you set. This is yet another way that Hosted PBX exceeds the capabilities of a traditional PBX system.

Streamline Communications

A Hosted VoIP phone system allows your business to run more smoothly, by enabling a large communications network outside of the boundaries of a physical office. This allows your business to streamline its operation in several ways.

  • Eliminate Office Desk Phones – if all of your workers already own a mobile phone or tablet device and primarily work from home or on the go, you may never need to invest in phone equipment like desktop handsets at the office.
  • Eliminate Company Supplied Mobile Devices – Your workers can make and receive business calls using the mobile devices that they already own, through your Virtual PBX system, eliminating the hassle of carrying different phones for work and personal use. The ability for your workers to BYOD “bring their own device” means that your business can also eliminate the expense of supplying mobile phones to employees, as well as the monthly bills that go along with them.
  • Enables Unified Messaging – Because hosted phone systems work over the Internet, they can easily connect to other messaging systems that you company uses, like email. This interconnectivity means that your workers can access their voice messages, email messages and text messages from anywhere, using a single device, which leads to more productivity for your business.

But it goes even further than that. Hosted PBX also enables Unified Communications, facilitating highly sophisticated communication for your workers, which is impossible with a traditional PBX system. For example, your team members can launch virtual meetings, including voice calls, instant messaging, video, live document editing and desktop sharing, all at the same time, when your Hosted PBX is connected to a Unified Communications application like Microsoft Skype For Business.

As you can see, Broadconnect’s Hosted VoIP phone system offers many different rewards to the people and companies who use them, making traditional PBX systems a less popular option for many businesses today. Contact one of our hosted phone consultants, to learn more about the benefits your business can expect, when switching to a phone system in the cloud.

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