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SEO 2017: A Beginners Guide

Optimizing online content and properties to achieve higher ranking through search engines is a staple practice for modern digital marketers. It is especially important for companies that operate largely, or exclusively, online. A growing majority of potential customers rely on the internet to find solutions to their problems, which are often available in the form of a product or service offered by various brands.

Written content is still the foundation of all SEO efforts. It is what search engines like Google and Bing “look through” in order to find destinations appropriate for the search query entered by the user. Even sites that rely heavily on graphics, video or other non-lingual forms of communication should have some written material on or attached to their site. Content should be professionally written and edited to be grammatically accurate and offer a creative, insightful message that properly represents the company.

In addition to keywords and topics, search engines also rank sites based on community involvement. For this reason, many SEO experts use a guest posting service to help kick-start the conversation surrounding a specific topic, product or service. Building a strong community also means that the company will benefit from free exposure on social media as members share their experiences with their personal networks.

for performance on search engines is an endless project in some ways. It’s important to keep fresh content coming on to a site to maintain its ranking, even if it’s just one or two posts each week. Marketers also need to stay informed about new techniques and changes in engine algorithms so they can adjust their strategies to match the evolving online environment.

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