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Simple Tips To Help You Design An SEO Friendly Site

Search engine optimisation is much more complex than it used to be a few years ago. In the past, the only thing of real importance was the number of backlinks that a site has. Nowadays, search engines have evolved towards the level at which ranking is much better than in the past. Dozens of different factors are considered when ranking sites. With this in mind, every little thing that you do counts!
In order to get higher in search engine rankings, we talked with professionals to get some important tips for all site owners. Always consider what is written below.

The Domain Name Is Much More Important Than You Think

Your SEO journey actually starts with the domain name that you choose. Many think that this is not important but we talk about one of the most important factors. You basically have 2 options that are available:
• Choosing a domain name that includes the main keyword that you are interested in ranking for. This is an option that is recommended when you are not mainly interested in branding.
• Choosing a domain name that includes the name of your business. This is an option that is suitable for those that represent a brand and that will want to promote it through branding strategies besides search engine optimisation.

Create Quality Link Structure

It is really important that you focus on having a link structure that includes keywords as opposed to a structure like The links that the site has are important because they tell the search engine what the content is about and there is also an impact that is put on the visitors since they will look at the URL.

Creating Optimized Content

This is a part of on-site SEO. Search engines will automatically analyze the content present on a website. Based on the analysis, a value is determined. Whenever creating content that will be present on a site, you want to be sure that it is well-developed and that it includes the keywords that the site tries to rank for.

While creating SEO optimized content is difficult and there are dozens of things that can be said, a basic rule of thumb is to have content that includes the keywords in a natural way and that is highly attractive for the visitors. If necessary, hiring a professional to write the content has to be considered.

Having Responsive Web Design

Recent SEO ranking algorithm changes led towards the necessity of having responsive web design done for a site to rank high. This practically means that the site is created in a way that will look perfect on any device used for browsing, ranging from the desktop PC to the smartphone.

The Importance Of Social Media

Make sure that you also add the possibility of having your content shared on social media. The connection between SERP and social media is much tighter than what many believe at the moment. As the internet becomes more social, it is important that you remain focused on quality and that you integrate social media elements in your SEO campaigns.

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