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The Black FP Provides Passwordless Login To Your PC

Tt eSports has announced a new gaming mouse with a novel addition – a fingerprint sensor built into the side of the peripheral that people can use to authenticate all their accounts. The BLACK FP is a FIDO UAF certified fingerprint sensor security mouse that provides safe, strong and secure password protection for your PC. Using the state-of-the-art 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES), that provides users with a fast and secure passwordless experience to login into their system and the web pages with the utmost of ease.

BLACK FP Sensor:

It uses 256-bit AES encyrption, so it is fast, and most importantly, secure. Tt eSports says that the biometric sensor takes just 0.2 seconds to read your fingerprint and match it with the server. It is located where your thumb would normally be on the side of the mouse at the front. When you’re setting up, you will enter your Windows password, select the finger you’ll be using, and have it take your fingerprint scan.

Once secured, your finger print will be encrypted behind super-strong AES256. That is important, because this mouse won’t just allow you to sign into Windows, it will also use the finger print reader to input passwords into the websites, a la a solution like LastPass.


BLACK FP Design:

There are 7 buttons on board which are also programmable with various macros, and main mouse buttons use Omron switches which have a five million click lifespan.

You also get some funky red LED lights that positioned strategically around the device, including a bank of four to indicate which dpi profile you are using.


UK pricing and availability for the Black FP have yet to be confirmed, along with Thermaltake setting a US recommended price of $59.99 (around £49 excluding taxes.) More information is now available on the official website.

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