The Four Essential Network Security Services for Small Businesses

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In this age of cyber-hacking and identity theft, every business is exposed to threats to their internal computer networks. Phishers and hackers may want to install viruses and hold networks ransom or seal trade secrets or financial information. Vigilant employees can help, but criminals are always finding new ways in. That’s why every company, big or small, needs to invest in network security services. Here are the four most critical functions they can provide.

Qualified Installation

Firstly, cybersecurity is not a “do-it-yourself” project. Even if you think you “know what you’re doing” skipping on qualified, professional, and certified IT technicians to do the job is a mistake. You and your employees have a business to run; IT professionals are up to date on the very latest software and threats. Let them handle the installation and stick to what your company does best.

Testing Vulnerability

Network security services go beyond installation. The next step is to evaluate both your network and staff for potential points-of-entry. This goes beyond technology; staff must be trained to recognize threats. These include suspicious emails and pop-ups from websites that can infect your system with malware. Some cybercriminals even go so far as to send physical intruders who may pose as new employees or vendors to gain access to the network or sensitive information. A set of best practices and training plan should be set in place for all current and onboarding employees.

Proactive Defense

It’s significantly easier to solve a security problem before it happens than after. That’s why network security services must include defensive filters like anti-virus software and internet security settings are vital. Begin by standard safe search settings that block most objectionable material. Depending on your industry, it may also be appropriate and helpful to add other blocked words and sites. Again, training is crucial. Make sure all employees know what they can visit, an outline of what they can’t, and a procedure to check if they’re not sure.

Constant Updates

As we said before, cybercriminals are excellent at staying one step ahead of technology. Sophisticated network security services are only useful if they are constantly updated. Automatic updates to antivirus and malware systems are a must, but you need to have a qualified professional check to make sure updates are current and have gone through system-wide.

Knowledge and vigilance are the key ingredients to a safe network. It’s worth your time and money to hire professionals and invest in top-notch software.