Tips for Building Your First Website

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With the number of excellent WordPress themes and plugins now available, people who previously would have left building a website to the more technically gifted are now able to give it a go themselves. If you are thinking about venturing into the world of website building then we have some tips that might prevent you from making some beginner’s errors:

  1. Do your research

Before you even think about signing up with a web hosting solution, do plenty of research. Create a list of everything that you are going to need from a host like whether you want a one-click WordPress installation, or you need lots of storage space for example. Then take a look at all of the different hosting options that are available. Do you want a free hosting service or do you need more than the very basics? Free hosting is great if you have absolutely no money to spend on a website but you just won’t be able to achieve the same level of quality or functionality as you will with a premium hosting option.

It helps to read reviews that impartial sources have provided about the different hosting options that you have. Some websites provide comparison tables that will list all of the features and important information regarding what each host provides.

  1. Create a long-term plan

Before you make your decision on what sort of hosting plan to go with, write up a long-term plan for your website. Plot out what could happen if your business suddenly expands and you require more from your web host and website features. The option you take should involve a host that is scalable i.e. it will grow as your business demands grow.

  1. Use the resources available

If you are not sure how to upload content or how to set out the layout of your website, find online guidance that will help you. Rather than guessing what works best, there are many experts who share vital information from where to display your company logo to whether you need to include a privacy statement on your website. There are loads of video tutorials that will provide a walkthrough of pretty much any aspect you struggle with. Optimising images for example, uploading content – you name it, there will be a video somewhere that shows you how.

  1. Get a trial period with your host

One of the big problems you could come across is signing up with a web host contract and then realising that it is not going to be the right solution for your website. It is usually only when you have spent a certain amount of time building your layout and uploading content that you realise whether or not you have everything you need in a host. Look for one that offers a money back guarantee period, and the longer the period, the better. It is much easier to change your mind and switch host early on than struggle on with a sub-standard host that does not give you the features that will get the most out of your website.

  1. Always put quality first

The quality of the content on your website is hugely important. Don’t make the mistake of throwing spun articles or other low quality content onto your website. Your content quality dictates your search engine rankings and is the key ingredient in your website’s visitors deciding whether to do business with you!