What to Include in Your Ecommerce Site Design

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Designing a website can be fun, but it also take a lot of hard work to get what you want and what you need out of your design. If you have worked with websites before, then you know some of the basic elements of design you need to focus on include the color scheme, the layout and what type of content you will include. You can go beyond these elements and add even more relevant content and connection for your visitors with these important ecommerce website design features.

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A Responsive Design
No website wants to get left in the dust of their competitors because the website doesn’t load on a customer’s favorite device. Very few successful online businesses would be where they are today without a responsive web design. A responsive web design makes sure that whether your customers are coming from a phone, tablet or laptop, they can access the site quickly and make their purchase. This allows your website to change to meet the needs of each device so you don’t have to create a separate website for each type of device a consumer may have.

Social Media Integration
Many more shoppers are now getting using social media to help inform their purchasing decisions. Your business shouldn’t be left out of that demographic because you haven’t integrated your company’s social media accounts to your website. Something as simple as a ‘Like’ button next on each product page can boost your social media visibility and put your products in front of even more people who may be interested in buying what you have to offer. Social media can also be a great way to get people to your website with coupons, discount codes and other incentives.

A Blog
Websites should always stay up to date with the latest information, even when your website is primarily an ecommerce site. To update regularly without changing too much on the website, you can add a blog. This will add another layer of content that you provide to your site visitors, and you will be able to update it on a regular basis.

Not all of these elements are necessary for a successful ecommerce site, but some of them can be important to your customers. Before adding a new element to your design, get feedback from your visitors to see what they need to keep coming back.