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Who Are You Trying to Find?

Are one or more people in your life missing?

That does not mean they have dropped off the planet or are in any imminent danger.

What it can translate to is that they are not in communication with you for one reason or another.

In the event there are no issues between everyone, you may be trying to locate them through one means or another. If that is the case, how productive has the search been?

For those whose searches have not yielded the info they wanted, did they try going online?

If you’re someone who has not tried the Internet for your searching efforts, has the time come to go online?

Using Technology as Part of Your Search Efforts

In going online for a people search for one or more distant family members or friends, consider:

  • Companies helping you search – There are companies to help you search for a family or friends. By doing a simple search on one of these websites, you improve your odds of being one step closer to finding them. In entering as much info as possible about them in a search, you might discover they live close to you. Either way, the search could be what you were looking for in reuniting again one day down the road.
  • Socializing the search – By using social media to find people missing in your life, you could get lucky. As many have discovered, social media, has brought people together after years apart. An example of this would of course be Facebook. All you need to do is type the person’s name into the search bar on the world’s most popular social media site. From there, you may find the individual you’ve been looking for. Granted, if they have a rather common name, it can take some more time and effort to find out where they are. In some cases, they may not even be on Facebook or any social sites for that matter. If you do find them, you can send a “friend” request” in hopes they answer back and say yes to becoming Facebook friends. This then allows you to the ability to begin the process of renewing your ties after all this time.
  • News websites – Another option are news websites where they last lived. You may get lucky and discover they were in the news. Whether a wedding or birth note, a promotion, or even a vehicle accident, their name may show. If it does, you may be able to at some point find where they live in the town.

Reconnecting After all This Time

If you reconnect with a long-lost friend or family member, note that such meetings can be a little strange.

After not seeing one another for so many years, it might seem like you are meeting a brand new person for the first time.

As you get to rehash all the times you’ve spent together, it should all come back before no time. When it does, you could have very well made sure the two of you will not lose track of each other this time around.

So, who are you trying to find?

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