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Why Content Marketing is Essential Today? 5 Reasons Why Con-tent is the KING

Content is indeed the undefeated champion of internet. And while there are truckload of factors that make up for a healthy digital marketing strategy, content marketing has always been the key to establish a brand and its overall persona. More so in today’s scenario, where in just a single minute on the web 216,000 photos are shared on Instagram, a total of £54,000 ($83,000) sales take place on Amazon, there are 1.8 million likes on Facebook and three days’ worth of video is uploaded to YouTube. Still need more reasons why content is the king? Here are top 5 reasons that prove content is king:

  1. Content is King with Google

Right from SERP rankings to Google Analytics, content is what drives Google, and there is nothing denying that. With Google is going strong in the content cyber war, white-hat SEO is what rules the ranking game. What’s more is that content is the primary way to obtain safe and powerful links, boost page views and attain long-lasting search rankings.

  1. Content is King on Social

Whether you have thousands of followers on Twitter or hundreds of page likes on Facebook – what you are going to tweet or Facebook to your fans is what matters! A uniform stream of automated sales tweets is sure going to piss off your followers and negatively impact your engagement. This is where content, good and insightful content, comes in. Socially sharable and impactful content will up your click through rates and engagement.

  1. Content is King with Consumers

A great way to engage and interact with your target audience, content is perhaps one of the strongest mediums present that will let you encounter direct feedback for your brand. Start by creating how to’s, visual infographics, memes, digging fun you tube videos and top ten lists. And yes, there’s nothing worse than visiting a blog or a functional website only to find out that the last updated post was a year ago. This gives an impression that your business is not cutting-edge enough to adopt to latest content marketing strategies and be at the top of its game. A wellrun website or a blog, on the other hand, is a great sales tool, which can help the user scout their way to your website’s shopping cart gradually.

  1. Content is King to Brand Your Online Presence

A great way to properly market your content, branding your online presence is perhaps impossible without a sound content marketing plan. Whether you want to re-brand your logo or want to promote a new service or product, content marketing is a memorable way to appeal to any demographic you are aiming to reach. The more refined and sophisticated imageof a brand you have, the more sales you can expect, and opening avenues for new investor participations too.

  1. Content is King for PR

Digital marketing PR falls in two stark categories: press relations and press releases. Press releases are a great way to establish a contact and break the ice with journalists and social media influencers. Further on, you can get higher page ranking and link back to your web-site or blog while marketing the right content and getting the press releases published on right avenues.

With its essentiality established, content marketing is the only way to earn positive feedback and long-term customer loyalty and support. If you are someone who thinks your brand can levy the advantages from content marketing, but aren’t very sure of where and how to get started, then go ahead and explore a wide range of content marketing paperback books at And while you are at it, don’t forget to check out a compelling list of active coupons for Target at ChameleonJohn, which will help you to save handsomely on updated varieties of content marketing, engine optimization, social media, and email marketing books.

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