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Why IT skills are an essential for many modern businesses

The rise and rise of technology has meant that no business that wants to succeed can work without computers and other digital hardware. However, this situation may pose a problem for employees who are less than computer literate. These days, IT skills such as those learned here are an essential for many modern businesses. Ottawa IT support experts say IT Support & IT Services are critical to the profitability and success of your business.

IT skills

A complex world

While many people are familiar with the everyday uses of modern technology, there are plenty more applications and hardware that are considered specialist and require specialist knowledge to use or implement them. Those in the technological know may speak of things such as conversion rate optimization, search engine optimization, and user experience, leaving the average computer user completely in the dark as to what is being talked about.

This complexity in regards to technology means that anyone who possesses the relevant skills has a chance at making themselves indispensable to modern businesses. The good news is that many jobs in the IT sector do not require a person to have the more traditional qualifications, such as those achieved at school, but rather favor those who have skills-based qualifications. For example, the tech world is more interested in those who have an understanding of Android and iOS, HMTL markup, and app development than whether they have a high school diploma or college degree. This means that there are plenty of entry-level jobs, as well as those higher up, available in IT.

However, companies that do not have a dedicated IT department or personnel will still need these types of skills, which means that there are also plenty of opportunities for those working as an IT freelancer or contractor. For example, you could work as a web designer, look after IT security, or build bespoke database systems. Alternatively, you could find work as an IT consultant, advising companies on their computer setup.

Working as an IT freelancer, indeed any kind of freelancer, brings with it extra and worrisome responsibilities. The most major of these is keeping good financial records, ensuring that invoices are issued, suppliers are paid, and free efile tax returns are submitted. The tax arena is a difficult one for a freelancer to navigate, but fortunately there are ways to source advice with IR35 and other tax elements to ensure that you stay on the right side of the law.

As the technology world is one that is continually evolving, it is vital that you keep up to date with developments to keep yourself in business. You should always be seeking to increase your skillset, either by informally teaching yourself about the latest developments in the IT sector, or by undertaking courses to pursue professional qualifications that will set you apart from your peers who are perhaps taking the short-term view and relying on their current IT skills. Many of these courses are available as distance learning courses or online, so you may not even have to leave your desk to complete them.

Modern businesses cannot survive and thrive without some technical assistance, whether that is sourced in-house or outsourced to a freelancer or contractor, which provides plenty of opportunities for anyone looking to enter this exciting and innovative field.

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