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Breathe better air with the BIZOND Portable Ozone Air Purifier

With integrated rechargeable battery Bizond portable air purifier can be used to your automobile, room and other places. With its purifying and sterilizing functions, the BIZOND air purifier gets rid of up to 99 percent of allergens, bacteria, and chemicals on your space. Likewise, it eliminates formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and affects the microorganisms which can be immune to the impacts of chlorine. Additionally, the air purifier efficaciously removes odors together with smoke, pets, cigarettes, paint, chemical compounds and more. providing a wireless and portable design, the ozone air purifier is good for your house, office, and automobile. It’s also useful for sterilizing your refrigerator, luggage, wardrobes and other regions that are hard to attain. Smooth and secure to apply, the device only comes one button and modes, inclusive of Base Mode and faster Mode. Base Mode gets rid of odors, kills bacteria and purifies the air while turbo Mode receives rid of viruses, formaldehyde, and allergens.

Bizond Portable Air Purifier Design

This is an smooth-to-use and realistic air ozonizer system that weighs 1.98 kilos. As we are able to see from the pictures, the air cleanser looks like a graceful travel mug, so that you can effortlessly set up anywhere you need or positioned it to your bag for a ride. The compact, cylindrical form element permits it to in shape within the cup holder of your car.

Bizond Portable Air Purifier

Bizond Portable Air Purifier Features

The portable air cleanser is designed to generate ozone in an effort to get rid of the maximum of micro organism, viruses, allergens and other harmful compounds like formaldehyde, benzene and extra from the air around you. Moreover, it’s also capable of dispose of all forms of odors together with pet, shoe, bathroom, cigarette and chemical scent. The ozone generator is ideal for the living regions up to ten square feet or cars, workplaces and cafes. Furthermore, the air cleaner has modes: base and faster. For a bigger place, you can use its turbo mode numerous times in a row. In addition, vehicle shutdown and powerful battery guarantee its protection and low electricity intake.

Bizond Portable Air Purifier Price

The portable air purifier is priced at $69.90 USD. If you’re really interested, jump to Amazon for its more details. But if you still want more efficient then this, then the Rabbit Air MinusA2 is the only one that’s just right, launched at one of the biggest conferences in the world.

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